Garden Turfing

Mcpolin Garden Turfing details

Here at Mcpolin, we advise our customers on best times to lay turf to their gardens. We usually say between March - June and September - November, are the best times, as this will provide your new turf with the best amount of sun and water.

When planning to turf areas of your garden, be sure to have a good look at the areas that need new turf laying. If there is a large amount of weeds in the areas, it would be beneficial to treat them with biodegradable weed killer. This will ensure that the weeds are killed as well as any leaves such as Tumleweed and Roundup

Our turfing service includes:

  • Preparing the ground for turf
  • Eradicating any weeds, leaves, etc
  • Apply the right type and amount of top soil
  • Lay the turf, cutting it to fit the dimensions of the landscape
  • Ensure the turf is firmly set in place so that the roots are touching the soil
  • Level out any dips in the area that the turf is being placed

The main factors that cause turf to die

One of the main factors is leaving the turf too long before laying it. Poor soil preparation, not enough watering of the turf before and after laying, not mowing on a regular basis can cause the turf to die, Laying hot water can kill turf as it will dry out the grass too quickly, and last but not least, laying frozen soil.

With every customer we lay turf for, we like to offer then the chance to read about of garden maintenance packages, which you can click to view here.

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