Mcpolin Garden Landscaping of Coventry

Mcpolin Garden Landscaping

Landscaping can involve a wide range of things, from garden decking, garden patios, garden lawns, buiding of garden pathways, laying garden lawns and constructing garden fencing. Obviously these are only a simple few considerations that have to be taken into account when thinking about garden landscaping.

Areas that we specialise in for garden landscaping are:

  • Offering first hand guides for landscaping
  • Laying of decking or patios
  • Working with you to get the right landscaping design that suits your needs
  • Laying garden turf
  • Constructing any Pergolas or garden furniture
  • Constructing garden fencing
  • Creating rockerys, ponds, etc
  • Outlining and creating beautiful garden pathways
  • Planting the right plants, trees and hedges, that will offer you the right feel
Ready-made garden landscaping plans

To keep costs down for our smaller clientele, we offer a service by which customers can choose from a selection of pre-planned landscaping designs, which our team can customise to suit the dimensions of your gardens. If you wish to know more about this services, please feel free to contact us.

Feel free to contact us to know more about our garden maintenance packages that we can customise to suit your grounds or gardens.